$37,000 to $1.2 million in revenue
from Facebook Ads.


Acquisition: Acquired sales qualified leads by keeping the CPL (cost per lead) and conversion rate in mind.

Lead Generation: Drove sales qualified leads (B2B) for international consulting services

Increase brand awareness and authority 

Engagement: Drove existing users to engage with other services of the brand.


Reaching high-intent audiences with an interest in business strategy and taxation advisory services.

Limited brand awareness in the highly competitive and saturated business consulting niche. 

Reaching high-intent audiences with interest in international business consulting

Service provided

• Social Media Lead Generation

• Marketing Automation

• CRM Setup

• Email marketing

• Product launch strategy

• Conversion rate optimization


Created a CRM environment and automated the entire funnel, such as with WhatsApp and email acknowledgement, lead allocation to the sales team. 

Social media lead generation based on cities, interests, and industries.

Optimizing the leads by getting close feedback from the sales team and narrowing down the audience. 

Email marketing to “lead stage” specific leads.


Result :  

Increase the lead conversion from ToFu to BoFu 0.5% to 1.5% 

Decrease the CPL by 60% within 2 months of the plan’s execution.

Hit the 30X ROI within 3 months.

Generated $1.2 million

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