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Photopea is a robust online photo editor that closely replicates the capabilities of leading desktop photo editing software. Designed to be both powerful and accessible, it supports a wide array of file formats including PSD (Adobe Photoshop), XCF (GIMP), Sketch, XD (Adobe XD), and CDR (CorelDRAW), making it a universal tool for graphic designers, photographers, and digital artists. Users can start projects from scratch or upload existing files from their computer, working seamlessly within a familiar interface that requires no installation or specialized hardware. The editor is equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools that cover everything from basic cropping and resizing to advanced photo manipulation techniques like layering, masking, and blending. Photopea steps into the realm of professional editing with its support for layers and styles, use of adjustment layers, smart objects, and even custom brushes, which are typically features reserved for desktop applications. One of the standout features of Ph

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User feedback on Photopea seems highly positive, particularly on platforms like Reddit. Many users appreciate its extensive toolset and the ability to use high-level editing features without any cost. Reviews often highlight its ease of use and the surprising efficiency of a browser-based editor compared to traditional software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photopea supports PSD, XCF, Sketch, XD, and CDR formats among others.
Yes, Photopea offers a significant amount of functionality for free, but there is also a Premium option for an ad-free experience and additional features.
Absolutely, Photopea is designed to provide a comprehensive set of editing tools comparable to those in professional desktop applications.
No, Photopea operates entirely within your web browser, requiring no installations.
Feedback and feature suggestions can be made via their GitHub page or Facebook community.