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Read is designed to enhance text readability and inclusivity for users with varying literacy levels. By integrating with various platforms like Microsoft Word, Outlook, and web browsers through Chrome extensions and APIs, it addresses the needs of editors, developers, and readers alike. This tool is particularly valuable in regions like the United States and Europe, where a significant portion of the population struggles with literacy. Read supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Portuguese, making it a versatile and essential tool for global access to easier-to-understand text.

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"Read has transformed how I consume content. Its text-to-speech functionality makes it easy to listen to articles, emails, and documents on the go." - Sarah, Busy Professional "I rely on Read for improving my reading comprehension. Its highlighting and summarization features help me focus on key information and retain more knowledge." - John, Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Read is compatible with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Chrome, and can be integrated into custom applications via API.
Yes, it supports English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.
Yes, the API includes features specifically aimed at dyslexia-focused optimization.
The extension can be downloaded and activated with a click, simplifying and enhancing the readability of text on any website.
This tool is beneficial for editors who need to ensure their text is comprehensible, developers looking to build accessible applications, and readers with low literacy skills who need easier-to-understand text.