Achieving 1000 to 3 M+ Traffic within 11 Months for a SaaS Company


Happy Scribe signed up to our SaaS Link Building service and we increased their monthly signups by 127% and their clicks by 73%, from non-branded organic search to target pages, in just 5 months. This meant that we reached a cost per signup of just €1.


MoM decrease in CAC


WoW increase in app installs from Google UAC


Organic website traffic


Happy Scribe, a fully bootstrapped SaaS, converts audio to text using online transcription software. 


SaaS, Information Technology

Objective :

The objective of the project was to implement ongoing technical SEO and semantic SEO strategies, acquire high-quality backlinks, and redesign landing pages to improve user experience and increase click-through rates (CTR).

Challenges :

The challenges included driving high-intent traffic for increased user acquisition and establishing topical authority to outrank competitors.

Service provided :

  • Keyword Research: Conducted analysis and shortlisted 1500+ keywords, segmented into three groups (ToFu to BoFu).
  • Content Writing Strategy: Developed a comprehensive content strategy for over six months, focusing on user-friendly and SEO-friendly high-quality content.
  • Link Building: Targeted high-quality links from websites with domain authority (DA) ranging from 50 to 90, using outreach methods and tools like HARO and guest posts.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Tested various call-to-action (CTA) elements to improve the overall CTR of the website.
  • Design, UX, and Copywriting: Assisted the brand in creating and optimizing high-quality pages for enhanced user experience.

Execution/ Approach:

Technical Issues and Error Resolution: Addressed basic website issues such as loading time, first contentful paint (FCP), largest contentful paint (LCP), and user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements.

Toxic Link Removal: Identified and removed toxic links from the website, including those from private blog networks (PBNs) and spammy sites.

Keyword Research and Clustering Pages: Created a keyword bucket of 1500+ keywords and implemented cluster pages to pass link juice and establish overall topical authority for the website.

Result :

  • High-Quality Links: Obtained 150+ high-quality links from reputable sources like Wikipedia, Entrepreneur, and TimesNow within three months.
  • Website Authority: Increased domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) from 0 to 28 within five months.
  • Traffic Growth: Experienced an average monthly traffic growth of 250% after four months of implementing the SEO plan.
  • Overall Traffic Increase: Witnessed a significant increase in overall website traffic, growing from 1000 visits per month to 3 million within 11 months.
  • This case study demonstrates the successful implementation of technical SEO, semantic SEO, link building, and website optimization strategies, resulting in substantial traffic growth and improved online visibility for the SaaS company.

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