Unlocking Organic Growth for an ed-tech Startup: Traffic Growth from 25k to 180k


Happy Scribe signed up to our SaaS Link Building service and we increased their monthly signups by 127% and their clicks by 73%, from non-branded organic search to target pages, in just 5 months. This meant that we reached a cost per signup of just €1.


MoM decrease in CAC


WoW increase in app installs from Google UAC


Organic website traffic


An Edu-Tech company operating in the niche of Placement Preparation and Study Material SaaS, catering to students looking to excel in competitive exams.


SaaS, Information Technology

Objective :

Our main goal was to significantly increase the website’s organic traffic and enhance conversion rates to drive more students toward their premium offerings.

Challenges :

We faced the following key challenges:

1. Penalties & Blackhat SEO: The website had previously been penalized by Google due to unethical SEO practices, which hampered its growth.

2. Stagnant Traffic: Organic website traffic has plateaued, making it imperative to breathe new life into the digital presence.

Service provided :

  • Our services primarily included Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate
  • Optimization (CRO) strategies.

Execution/ Approach:

Keyword Focus: We carefully selected 12 distinct keyword buckets, each representing a crucial aspect of their niche. This helped us build topical authority.

Cluster Pages: To foster a well-structured information hub, we developed cluster pages around each main keyword bucket, making it easier for users to navigate and discover relevant content.

Semantic SEO: To create a natural and user-friendly experience, we interconnected keywords using semantic SEO techniques. This enhanced the overall SILO structure, improving the website’s credibility.

Result :

The outcome of our efforts was nothing short of remarkable:

    • Traffic Surge: In just 5 months, the website’s monthly traffic skyrocketed from 25,000 to an impressive 180,000 visitors.
    • Higher Conversions: With an average conversion rate of 4%, more students were engaging with premium offerings, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

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