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Reshaping Growth for an E-commerce Grocery Store: 13x Traffic and 2x Conversion Transformation


MoM decrease in CAC


WoW increase in app installs from Google UAC


Organic website traffic


Objective :

The main aim of our engagement was to revitalize the website’s performance by attracting more qualified visitors and improving the conversion rate.

Challenges :

Our client faced significant challenges:

  1. Fierce Competition: High competition in the industry made it challenging to rank for keywords.
  2. Low Conversion: With a meager 1% conversion rate, the website needed a conversion overhaul.

Service provided :

Our comprehensive approach included a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies

Execution/ Approach:

  • Fresh Keywords: We embarked on a thorough keyword research journey to identify untapped opportunities.
  • Technical Audit: While conducting a detailed audit, we discovered minor technical improvements.
  • Strategic Keywords: To reduce competition, we created new keyword buckets for 15 specific categories, constructing cluster pages.
  • Website Enhancement: By optimizing the homepage menus, product descriptions, and on-page content, we aimed to improve the overall user experience.
  • CRO Boost: Heatmap analysis led to the optimization of Call to Actions (CTAs) for enhanced user engagement.

Result :

In just 60 days, our efforts delivered substantial results:

  • Keyword Surge: The number of organic keywords grew from 249 to a robust 900.
  • Traffic Explosion: The website experienced a remarkable 13-fold increase in traffic.
  • Conversion Enhancement: Conversion Rate Optimization improved by a significant 2.5 times, translating into higher sales and revenue.


Our client operates an e-commerce Grocery Store in a highly competitive industry, striving to increase relevant website traffic and boost conversion rates.


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