Explosive Traffic Growth for Fin-Tech SAAS Venture Staggering 100x Organic Traffic in just 90 Days


Happy Scribe signed up to our SaaS Link Building service and we increased their monthly signups by 127% and their clicks by 73%, from non-branded organic search to target pages, in just 5 months. This meant that we reached a cost per signup of just €1.


MoM decrease in CAC


WoW increase in app installs from Google UAC


Organic website traffic


A Fintech SaaS provider specializing in Accounting and e-invoicing, entered a highly competitive market with a new website, seeking to establish a sustainable SEO foundation.


SaaS, Information Technology

Objective :

The primary objective was to initiate SEO efforts from scratch, creating a dependable conversion funnel and a long-term growth channel.

Challenges :

Our challenges included a fresh website with no existing content or SEO keywords, and operating in a fiercely competitive market with tough competition for commercial keywords.

Service provided :

We provided a comprehensive SEO strategy to establish a strong online presence.

Execution/ Approach:

  • Keywords Research: We conducted extensive keyword research using real-time data, identifying a pool of 2000 keywords.
  • Keyword Segmentation: To maximize impact, we categorized keywords into two groups: Transactional and Informational.
  • Informational Focus: Prioritizing Informational keywords with lower competition and higher search volumes.
  • Semantic Strategy: We directed semantic queries and traffic from informational pages toward transactional pages to optimize user journeys.
  • Efficient Indexing: Our proprietary API was leveraged to efficiently index the content.

Result :

Within just 90 days, our strategies delivered impressive results:

    • Explosive Traffic Growth: Organic traffic witnessed a staggering 100-fold increase, opening up a significant growth channel.
    • Keyword Domination: Over 1000 keywords were effectively targeted, with more than 500 achieving rankings in search results.
    • Top Rankings: 50+ keywords secured top 10 positions, establishing the client as a credible player in the industry.

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