From 445 to 103,000 Organic Visitors/Month in 13 Months: The Power of Content Velocity


Happy Scribe signed up to our SaaS Link Building service and we increased their monthly signups by 127% and their clicks by 73%, from non-branded organic search to target pages, in just 5 months. This meant that we reached a cost per signup of just €1.


MoM decrease in CAC


WoW increase in app installs from Google UAC


Organic website traffic


A Fintech SaaS provider specializing in Accounting and e-invoicing, entered a highly competitive market with a new website, seeking to establish a sustainable SEO foundation.


SaaS, Information Technology

Background :

  • Transition from business development to marketing at an SEO agency
  • Emphasis on the critical role of marketing for entrepreneurial ventures

The Strategy :

  • Shift from conventional SEO tactics to a content-focused approach
  • Prioritization of content quality over backlinking and technical intricacies

Brand Jacking :

  • Outranking major brands like Shopify and Instagram for branded terms
  • Initial success followed by the realization of the importance of audience-offer fit

Understanding Google's Algorithm :

  • Recognition of user engagement metrics as a true indicator of page value
  • Emphasis on content quality as the primary driver of search ranking

Content Velocity :

  • Focus on the significance of content velocity in driving organic traffic
  • Utilization of tools like ClusterAi to identify keyword variations and create valuable content at scale

Our approach emphasized the significance of content velocity, realizing that the only page that can’t rank is the one that hasn’t been published. Leveraging tools like ClusterAi, we identified the vast array of keyword variations within a niche, allowing us to create hundreds or even thousands of pages of unique and valuable content. This approach enabled us to dominate search results and significantly amplify our organic traffic

Conclusion :

  • Achievement of unprecedented organic traffic growth through unwavering commitment to content quality
  • Demonstration of the transformative power of content velocity and audience relevance in SEO success

Through an unwavering commitment to content quality and a profound understanding of Google’s algorithms, we defied conventional SEO wisdom and achieved unprecedented organic traffic growth. The transformative power of content velocity and audience relevance in driving organic traffic became the linchpin of our success.

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