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Share of Voice (SOV) is a metric used in marketing and advertising to measure the percentage of visibility or exposure a brand receives within a specific market or industry compared to its competitors. It provides insights into a brand’s presence and performance in relation to its competitors.

Importance of Calculating Share of Voice

Understanding Market Presence
Calculating share of voice helps businesses understand their market share and competitive landscape by quantifying their visibility and influence relative to other brands operating in the same space.

Monitoring Brand Performance
By tracking share of voice over time, businesses can evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, assess changes in brand perception, and identify areas for improvement in their marketing strategies.

How to Calculate Share of Voice

Formula for Calculating SOV
Share of Voice can be calculated using the following formula:

Share of Voice (SOV)=Brand Exposure /Total Market Exposure×100

Gathering Data
Data for calculating share of voice can be collected from various sources, including social media platforms, advertising campaigns, and online mentions. Analyzing the volume and sentiment of brand mentions across these channels provides insights into brand visibility and perception.


What is the significance of share of voice in marketing?
Share of Voice is important in marketing as it helps businesses assess their competitive position, track brand performance, and measure the impact of their marketing efforts in relation to competitors.

What are some common strategies for increasing share of voice?
Strategies for increasing share of voice include investing in targeted advertising campaigns, engaging with audiences on social media, collaborating with influencers, and generating positive publicity through PR efforts.

How often should I calculate share of voice for my brand?
Share of Voice should be calculated regularly to monitor changes in market dynamics, track brand performance over time, and assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Aim to calculate SOV at least quarterly or monthly, depending on your industry and competitive landscape.

Can share of voice be calculated for specific marketing channels?
Yes, share of voice can be calculated for specific marketing channels such as social media, digital advertising, and traditional media. Analyzing SOV by channel provides insights into the effectiveness of each channel in reaching target audiences and driving brand visibility.

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