17 March 2024


What is a Query? In the realm of search engines, a query refers to the user’s request for information through a search input. It could be a simple question, a set of keywords, or a phrase entered into a search engine like Google. The search engine then uses complex algorithms to analyze these queries and

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Quality Score

What is Quality Score? Quality Score is a metric used in online advertising platforms, such as Google Ads. To evaluate the relevance and quality of your ad campaigns. It takes into account various factors, including the click-through rate (CTR), ad relevance, and the quality of the landing page. A higher Quality Score not only improves

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Qualified Lead

What is a Qualified Lead? A Qualified Lead is a prospective customer who has demonstrated a genuine interest in a product or service and is deemed more likely to make a purchase. Unlike general leads, qualified leads have met specific criteria, such as fitting the target demographic, expressing intent to buy, or showing engagement with

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Promoted Posts

What is Promoted Posts? Promoted Posts are a strategic element of social media marketing, where businesses pay to boost the visibility of their content to a wider audience. These sponsored posts appear in users’ feeds, timelines, or as suggested content, increasing the likelihood of engagement. Promoted Posts allow brands to amplify their reach, target specific

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